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The Z12 Dirty Dozen Challenge is unique in the never has there been an opportunity where rowers can measure their performance over a series of long distance races. In the first round of the series is the 3k distance where the initial ranking happens, rowers now move into the second stage the 5k distance which is usually a month later. This four weeks allows them to prepare for this longer stage, rowers are now seeded and will go off in the order from their placing in the previous stage. The pressure is on now to move up the rankings and to make sure that they are not caught by the rower following them. This makes the Z12 Dirty Dozen a real performance event as rowers are seeded and are under the pressure to show consistence improvement.

In each stage the leaders gets a leader shirt and is a status symbol to try and hold on to as they move through the series. In the final stage there is an opportunity to make the top group the Dirty Dozen.

In the last few years running this we see the trill of watching rowers feel the excitement of this type of competition. We look forward to see you take part in this and enjoy what we think is a great event.

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